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We are...🚀 Startup fanatics
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FOR FREE, we will...🎯 Identify the value proposition
🔍 Reverse engineer hypothesis
🔄 Consider alternative hypotheses
🚀 Identify alternative MVP solutions
🔄🔄 Propose product pivots and iterations
🌐 Identify and reverse engineer the target market
📈 Propose expansion target markets or more narrow niches
🎯📈 Identify customer acquisition strategies for the target markets
📊 Propose customer acquisition strategies for the markets with a plan
...and much more on top of that. 📈🚀

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Hey!Thanks for submitting your Startup for the roast!We will get back to you in less than 24 hours via email, giving you all the details and our thoughts.Excited to have you as a part of our journey!In the mean time, we are sharing our thoughts, learnings, and processes on our twitter account @startupduo - feel free to drop a follow!Cheers,